The tape I use is black. At last: a bandage with chewing deterrent built right in! This 26-foot tape leash works well for dogs up to 110 pounds and has a brake button strong enough that you won’t have to worry about your dog snapping it if they tug on the leash too hard. Free shipping . Keep your pet from removing his bandages or irritating his cuts, scrapes and bruises while they heal using the Andover Healthcare PetFlex Bitter No Chew Dog, Cat & Small Animal Bandage. They'll chew when they're bored, to relieve anxiety, or just for enjoyment. View all Veterinary Bandages & Tape in Veterinary Woundcare; Description. Asked by Wiki User. PetFlex No Chew Flexible Cohesive Pet Bandage 2" x 5 yards . Strong yet easy to use, this flexible bandage by PetFlex contains bitterants that deter your pet from chewing on the bandage allowing wounds to heal properly. Hi! The products include an odor and taste repellent engineered to prevent animals from unraveling tapes on their first attempt. It could cause cancer to the women maybe you too. ADA Accessibility Cable Ramps. Print that helps prevent biting, tearing and chewing. First, it’s free. Details. Dogs like to chew on things because it’s part of their nature, but they may also want to destroy their harness because they prefer not to wear it. Conforms to any shape and maintains original size; it won't shrink on the roll or on the dog. COFLEX Tape Bandage Wrap by Andover comes in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 inch rolls. The bandage will not stick to wounds and improves healiing time. Source(s): Plus there was a women that was 22-25 was addicted chewing on DRYER SHEETS! Features & Benefits: strong 23 lb tensile strength straight hand tear sweat resistant 2" x 5 yards (see 4" version item # AZN1) Controlled compression that will not constrict, plus quick, easy application, no scissors needed. PetFlex Bandage tears cleanly by hand, will not constrict, does not stick to skin or hair, and stays in place. No-chew print Petflex cohesive bandage is bitter tasting to discourage your dog from biting and chewing the bandage. PowerFlex ® No Chew Bandage. Petflex No Chew is a flexible cohesive bandage for use on small animals. 2:1 Ratio Heat Shrink Tubing. Yeah talk about disgusting. I don't know if the color of the tape makes any difference. Wiki User Answered . "Girly Chew Hossencofft (August 27, 1963 – September 1999) was a Malaysian-born woman who disappeared on September 9, 1999 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Because It could be really bad chemicals in the tape to make it stick. PetFlex No Chew Pet Bandage Wrap - bitter-taste helps prevent chewing and biting of bandage. Thanks for being here. Chew on gum If you have too. 2" wide x 5 yards. Prepare for minor cuts & scrapes with Petco's array of dog & pet bandages. "The Chew" TV studio in New York City is a veritable death trap ... according to a woman who claims she was seriously injured at a taping of the show. Both rolls of tape arrived squashed, making it impossible to find the end of the roll. With 15lbs Tensile Strength, Petflex is much stronger than vetrap. Write Your Own Review. Order before 2 PM (EST) and we will ship it out today! Absorbent, strong & flexible for controlled compression so it will not constrict or cut off blood flow. tensile strength. It is quick and easy to apply for a variety of first aid needs with a bitter taste to discourage licking and chewing on wounds or other medical conditions. Strong - 15 lbs. No Chew PetFlex Bandage Wrap Bitter-tasting bandage helps prevent chewing and tearing of bandage for the bored, idle, or infrequent chewer. Be the first to review this product. EasyTear patented technology – no scissors needed. Free shipping . Sweat and water resistant. Heat Shrink Tubing. Product Details: 15 lbs tensile strength for … Cohesive tapes have no 'sticky' adhesive, so they will not pull on fur. Strong 15 pound tensile strength. Pro Gaff® Gaffers Tape. PowerFlex ® No Chew Bandage. Controlled compression - will not constrict. See Answer. It may be an unpleasant taste but guess what...dogs love unpleasant tastes. Yes most all rodents can chew thru duct tape i dont no how good it is for them, so keep it OUT of reach. #1- Chew Tubes or Toilet Paper Rolls. Sweat and water-resistant. PetFlex No Chew Flexible Cohesive Pet Bandage 2" x 5 yards ( 6 rolls ) $14.99. x 5 yards - Lime Petflex No Chew Bandage (Case of 36) YELLOW 2 in./6 ct. ANDOVER HEALTHCARE Dog Products Petflex No Chew Bandage (Case of 36) Dog Products - GregRob

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