What doth it profit to confess the Lord, to honour God, to preach Him, to acknowledge His Son, and to confess that He sits on the right hand of the Father, if you blaspheme His Church? Christ. x., 38). 17. EWTN | 5817 Old Leeds Rd. It is spoken of as the House of God, the city placed upon the mountain to which all nations must come. Above all things the need of union between the bishops and the successors of Peter is clear and undeniable. In what has been said we have faithfully described the exemplar and form of the Church as divinely constituted. ii., 6,7)-and thus living on earth He taught his doctrine and gave His laws, conversing with men. essential to the life of the Church, which is simply the living mystical of the faith. “Whosoever shall offend in one point, is become guilty of all” (Ep. St. Augustine notes that other heresies may spring up, to a single one of which, should any one give his assent, he is by the very fact cut off from Catholic unity. wherefore Gelasius on the decrees of Councils says: “That which the First See has not approved of cannot stand; but what it has thought well to decree has been received by the whole Church” (Epist. That is, in it (the Church), all who wished to be the sons of God by adoption might attain to the perfection demanded by their high calling, and might obtain salvation. But it is opposed to the truth, and in evident contradiction with the divine constitution of the Church, to hold that while each Bishop is individually bound to obey the authority of the Roman Pontiffs, taken collectively the Bishops are not so bound. Christian communities. iii., n. 2). It never grows old, but is ever full of vigour. And so St. Gregory the great, writing to the Emperor Maurice Augustus, says: “It is evident to all who know the gospel that the charge of the whole Church was committed to St. Peter, the Apostle and Prince of all the Apostles, by the word of the Lord….Behold! 3). Satis Cognitum On the Unity of the Church. in Matt. Thus the parish priest, the bishop, and the Pope, are placed immediately over the same people” (St. Thomas in iv Sent, dist. The Church alone offers to the human race that religion-that state of absolute perfection – which He wished, as it were, to be incorporated in it. Furthermore, the Son of God decreed that the Church should be His mystical body, with which He should be united as the Head, after the manner of the human body which He assumed, to which the natural head is physiologically united. Those who break with it are in schism. Besides, all who profess Christianity allow that there can be but one faith. He who is the King of His Church, “Who bath the key of David, who openeth and no man shutteth, who shutteth and no man openeth (Apoc. 10. iv., I). 19. To which – I do not say – of the Bishops, but even of the Apostles have all the sheep been so absolutely and unreservedly committed? That external element is From this it must be clearly understood that Bishops are deprived of the right and power of ruling, if they deliberately secede from Peter and his successors; because, by this secession, they are separated from the foundation on which the whole edifice must rest. That union of the Bishops with the Pope is absolute, necessary. “My honour is the honour of the Universal Church. emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of man” (Philipp. Virgó Sacráta is a Christian mission-driven online resource and shop inspired from the beauty of Catholic faith, tradition, and arts. 28, v. 20). “There is nothing more grievous than the sacrilege of schism….there can be no just necessity for destroying the unity of the Church” (S. Augustinus, Contra Epistolam Parmeniani, lib. They frequently call him “the Prince of the College of the Disciples; the Prince of the holy Apostles; the leader of that choir; the mouthpiece of all the Apostles; the head of that family; the ruler of the whole world; the first of the Apostles; the safeguard of the Church.” In this sense St. Bernard writes as follows to Pope Eugenius: “Who art thou? The following are words of Sister Lucy of Fatima concerning the Rosary: ... Satis Cognitum. because Christ alone has spoken of one Church, His own, and so as Christ The unity of the Church is that which Christ Who is unaware of the many and evident testimonies of the holy Fathers which exist to this effect? This He clearly resolved to do: this He actually did. Traditional Latin Mass & Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar for 2020: Grant, we Beseech Thee, Almighty God, that through the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel, the peace and order and beauty of the Latin Tridentine Mass may be restored to our Churches. There must needs be also the fitting and devout worship of God, which is to be found chiefly in the divine Sacrifice and in the dispensation of the Sacraments, as well as salutary laws and discipline. “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believed not shall be condemned” (Mark xvi., 16). S. Basilii). SATIS COGNITUM Encyclical of Pope leo xiii, dated June 20, 1896, formulating the pope's teaching on the unity and unicity of the Church. I indeed think that this is so, and that neither against the rock upon which Christ builds His Church nor against the Church shall the gates of Hell prevail” (Origenes, Comment. 42, 44). The Magisterium of the Church is, then, the external principle of Biblical usage and the unanimous teaching of the Fathers clearly show that supreme authority is designated in the passage by the word keys. Eccl., cap. faith. Hence He commands that the teaching of the Apostles should be religiously accepted and piously kept as if it were His own – “He who hears you hears Me, he who despises you despises Me” (Luke x., 16). Satis Cognitum -- On the Unity of the Church (29 June 1896) Fidentem Piumque Annum -- On the Rosary (20 September 1896) Divinum Illud Munus -- On the Holy Ghost (9 May 1897) Used especially in modern times to express the mind of the Pope to the people. time so that the Church is the column of truth. ii., cap. From this it is easy to see that men can fall away from the unity of the Church by schism, as well as by heresy. So much so, that he who would place another chair against that one chair, would be a schismatic and a sinner” (De Schism. From the words of the Lord. He willed then that he whom He had designated as the foundation of the Church should be the defence of its faith. Jesus Christ was sent by God. lxx., n. 8). “If I had not done among them the works than no other man had done, they would not have sin” (Ibid. 21). Eccl. x., 10). Yea, they look up whatever honour or obedience is given to the bishops as paid to themselves. This the Divine Author impressed on it as a lasting sign of truth and of unconquerable strength. “What is the it?” (writes Origen). ad Cornelium, n. 5). Pope Leo XIII related in the Encyclical Satis Cognitum: [I]t is clear that by the will and command of God the Church rests upon St. Peter, just as a building rests on its foundation. There are, it is true, other gatekeepers of heaven and to pastors of flocks, but thou are so much the more glorious as thou bast inherited a different and more glorious name than all the rest. You ask how I prove this? It is consequently the office of St. Peter to support the Church, and to guard it in all its strength and indestructible unity. iv., n. 56). Ambrose. “For the Church, as the edifice of Christ who has wisely built ‘His house upon a rock,’ cannot be conquered by the gates of Hell, which may prevail over any man who shall be off the rock and outside the Church, but shall be powerless against it” (Ibid.). Finally it is the body of Christ – that is, of course, His mystical body, but a body living and duly organized and composed of many members; members indeed which have not all the same functions, but which, united one to the other, are kept bound together by the guidance and authority of the head. So that those obeying the Apostles might be saved, and those disobeying should perish. Then am I honoured when due honour is given to everyone” (S. Gregorius M. Epistolarum, lib viii., ep. ii). “But if I do (the works) though you will not believe Me, believe the works” (Ibid. It is then undoubtedly the office of the church to guard Christian doctrine and to propagate it in its integrity and purity. . Chrystus Głową Kościoła. De capto Eutropio, n. 6). Imperat.) ad Michael. x., nn. 4. Joan., lib. And as in animals the vital principle is unseen and invisible, and is evidenced and manifested by the movements and action of the members, so the principle of supernatural life in the Church is clearly shown in that which is done by it. From this it follows that those who arbitrarily conjure up and picture to themselves a hidden and invisible Church are in grievous and pernicious error: as also are those who regard the Church as a human institution which claims a certain obedience in discipline and external duties, but which is without the perennial communication of the gifts of divine grace, and without all that which testifies by constant and undoubted signs to the existence of that life which is drawn from God. “Christ constituted [Peter] not only pastor, but pastor of pastors; Peter therefore feeds the lambs and feeds the sheep, feeds the children and feeds the mothers, governs the subjects and rules the prelates, because the lambs and the sheep form the whole of the Church” (S. Brunonis Episcopi Signiensis Comment. Grace is produced in the souls of the faithful by exterior means consisting of sacraments administered with special rites, and celebrated by ministers specifically chosen for this function. Satis Cognitum On the Unity of the Church Pope Leo XIII – 1896 To Our Venerable Brethren, the Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, Bishops, and other Ordinaries in Peace and … For this reason the Pontiffs who succeed Peter in the Roman Episcopate receive the supreme power in the church, jure divino. It is clear, indeed, that Christ is the author of grace in the Sacraments of the Church; it is Christ Himself who baptizes; it is He who forgives sins; it is He who is the true priest who bath offered Himself upon the altar of the cross, and it is by His power that His body is daily consecrated upon the altar; and still, because He was not to be visibly present to all the faithful, He made choice of ministers through whom the aforesaid Sacraments should be dispensed to the faithful as said above” (cap. In his 1896 Encyclical, Satis Cognitum (On the Unity of the Church), Leo XIII wrote: Every Revealed Truth, without Exception, Must be Accepted . The bishops of Rome are the successors of St. Peter. Wherefore, in the decree of the Vatican Council as to the nature and authority of the primacy of the Roman Pontiff, no newly conceived opinion is set forth, but the venerable and constant belief of every age (Sess. Hold fast, therefore, O dearly beloved, hold fast altogether God as your Father, and the Church as your Mother” (Enarratio in Psal. 4, ad q. in the whole Church. influence on souls. “And I will ask the Father, and He shall give you another Paraclete, that he may abide with you for ever, the Spirit of ‘Truth” (Ibid. de Poenitentia, n. 4 in Appendice opp. That which comprehends all things, that which they had learnt from their Master; because they openly and publicly declare that they cannot help speaking of what they had seen and heard. To buy the sheep which He handed over to Peter and his successors” (S. Joannes Chrysostomus, De Sacerdotio, lib. Above all things, trusting in the mercy of God, who is able to move the hearts of men and to incline them as and when He pleases, We most earnestly commend to His loving kindness all those of whom We have spoken. iv., 3, et seq.). iii., cap. 16. iv., cap. The essential beauty and comeliness of the Church ought greatly to influence the minds of those who consider it. 33, n. 8). They ho… Therefore the Church is a society divine in its origin, supernatural in its end and in means proximately adapted to the attainment of that end; but it is a human community inasmuch as it is composed of men. The expression indeed is ambiguous, as if the rock and the Church were one and the same. “The Son of Man came that the world might be saved by Him” (John iii., 17). together like cement. “There remains, therefore, the ordinance of truth, and St. Peter, persevering in the strength of the rock which he had received, hath not abandoned the government of the Church which had been confided to him” (S. Leo M. sermo iii., cap. ciii., sermo ii., n. 5). Church, for the two authorities are not on the same level. Union with the Roman See of Peter is to him always the public criterion of a Catholic. Peter Dimond. The conditions for the return of Protestants are “The Head and the body are Christ wholly and entirely. The heretics are condemned by mutilating that fullness of But what is this word? For this I know is the rock on which the Church is built” (Ep. For Christ commanded His Apostles to preach the “Gospel to every creature, to carry His name to nations and kings, and to be witnesses to him to the ends of the earth.” He further promised to assist them in the fulfilment of their high mission, and that, not for a few years or centuries only, but for all time – “even to the consummation of the world.” Upon which St. Jerome says: “He who promises to remain with His Disciples to the end of the world declares that they will be for ever victorious, and that He will never depart from those who believe in Him” (In Matt., lib. He who increased the Church in all the earth, and proclaimed it to be stronger than the heavens, gave to a mortal man all power in Heaven when He handed him the Keys” (S. Johannes Chrysostomus, Hom. Moreover, he who is set over the whole flock must have authority, not only over the sheep dispersed throughout the Church, but also when they are assembled together. Whence it also follows that it is necessarily the duty of Christians to be subject and to obey. de Fide Orthodoxa contra Arianos). Do the successors of the Apostles assembled together constitute the foundation on which the successor of St. Peter rests in order to derive therefrom strength and stability? This unity cannot be broken, nor the one body divided by the separation of its constituent parts” (S. Cyprianus, De Cath. It is not sufficient for the due preservation of the unity of the faith that the head should merely have been charged with the office of superintendent, or should have been invested solely with a power of direction. i., cap. Both in the natural and in the supernatural order, God makes use of men The head, Christ: from whom the whole body, being compacted and fitly jointed together, by what every joint supplieth according to the operation in the measure of every part” (Eph. rosary . Clinging to thy Mother, thou offendest thy Father. Amongst these the most worthy of Our chief consideration is Unity. But, in what has Christ placed the primary principle, and the means of preserving this unity? For such is the nature of faith that nothing can be more absurd than to accept some things and reject others. It was consequently provided by God that the Magisterium instituted by Jesus Christ should not end with the life of the Apostles, but that it should be perpetuated. Hispan., n. 4). Michael Dimond and Bro. 2). Also Augustine says: “Unbelievers think that the Christian religion will last for a certain period in the world and will then disappear. “Whosoever is separated from the Church is united to an adulteress. “Heresies and schisms have no other origin than that obedience is refused to the priest of God, and that men lose sight of the fact that there is one judge in the place of Christ in this world” (Epist. Wherefore Jesus Christ bade all men, present and future, follow Him as their leader and Saviour; and this, not merely as individuals, but as forming a society, organized and united in mind. And for a like reason St. Augustine publicly attests that, “the primacy of the Apostolic chair always existed in the Roman Church” (Ep. Written when popes said what they meant and meant what they said, it is free from the ambiguities which are so characteristic of late 20th century explanations of these issues. Whatsoever He commands, He commands by the same authority. “Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in battle array?” O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee. Epist. i., 22-23). Now the proper nature of a foundation is to be a principle of cohesion for the various parts of the building. Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis (1943), #69. The unity of the ad Ephes., n. 5). From this text it is clear that by the will and command of God the Church rests upon St. Peter, just as a building rests on its foundation. And Augustine says: “What can be so manifest as a mountain, or so well known? i., v. 42). Wherever they went they proclaimed themselves the ambassadors of Christ Himself. ii., 16) commands Peter “to confirm his brethren.”. This becomes even more evident when the purpose of the Divine Founder is considered. Hence before His Ascension He said to Peter: ‘Feed my sheep’ ” (St. Thomas, Contra Gentiles, lib. This union is what Christ Donatist., lib. Każda objawiona prawda, bez wyjątku, musi zostać zaakceptowana. South America . ii., cap. And in another place: “The Church will totter if its foundation shakes; but how can Christ be moved?…Christ remaining immovable, it (the Church), shall never be shaken. Does the soul follow the amputated member? liac., ad eundem, n. 14). He ordered the nations to accept their teaching and obey their authority. “Could not Christ who confided to him the Kingdom by His own authority have strengthened the faith of one whom He designated a rock to show the foundation of the Church?” (S. Ambrosius, De Fide, lib. He quotes Origen, to suggest that the passage has a certain ambiguity, and refers both to the Church and to the Pope: "The gates of hell shall not prevail against it. implies the unity of faith established by Christ Himself, which can only All rights reserved. they are not mere vicars of the Pope. to justify the existence of more than one Church it would be necessary to go outside this world, and to create a new and unheard – of race of men. Donat., lib. Eccl. Encyklika Leona XIII "Satis cognitum". successors, the Bishops, whose power is not supreme or universal, but yet To refuse to the Church the primacy is most impious and above measure arrogant. Peter has over the episcopate a true and supreme authority. So the Christian is a Catholic as long as he lives in the body: cut off from it he becomes a heretic – the life of the spirit follows not the amputated member” (S. Augustinus, Sermo cclxvii., n. 4). This twofold element will last for the life of Wherefore Chrysostom writes: “Secede not from the Church: for nothing is stronger than the Church. The reason for which is stated thus: “there is no authority greater than that of the Apostolic See” (Nicholaus in Epist. What similarity is there between a dead and a living body? Its strength and stability calls it a mountain ” ( S. Augustinus, lib the knowledge of most... And above measure arrogant Dardaniae, n. 5 ), # 69 under Heaven given to men we! Epiphanius, Augustine, Theodoret, drew up a long list of the is... Has over the firmness of that kingdom were received by Peter and his successors is Plenary and supreme authority Peter... God confided his Church is a Christian mission-driven online resource and shop inspired from Church... Of Our chief consideration is unity Inc. Irondale, Alabama for a certain period in the likeness man. His charity this point accept some things and reject others must dread Church were and. Of this unity Church as divinely constituted separates from Peter would lose his authority the! Shepherd, and, as Scripture shows ; and he denies that anyone dissents. Him always the public criterion of a Catholic satis cognitum rosary were given by God not... ; Peter only through this rock House of God assumed human nature- “ who being in the,! Mountain ” ( John x., 5 ), they received in conjunction with Peter the likeness man! Indeed be overcome by the Word keys to Pray the Rosary, Hail Mary, Our Father Saints. All truths without exception, have but one faith the moniker the Rosary... Was ennobled by the vast majority of those who call themselves as Catholic faithfully described exemplar. Its teachings should be the defence of its faith supernatural element reflect the unity of the Church one. As a lasting sign of truth receive from Jesus Christ has perpetuated his mission in administration... - it is spoken of as the Father sent Me into the world I also have sent them into world! Father who does not have the authority of Peter ” ( S. Gregorius M. Epistolarum, viii.... The end of time to teach and rule the nations not be divided into parts by the Catholic Church and... On which the whole community is bound to obey Our paternal charity perpetuated his mission in the of... Thy hope is the Church ought greatly to influence the minds of those who consider it is to! On that unity are clear, e.g., Isaiah spoke of one.. Following are words of Sister Lucy of Fatima concerning the Rosary:... Satis.. One revealed truth, gives up the faith united to an adulteress written by.. Death of the Church founded by Christ, has a strong influence on souls Our paternal charity more evident the... Such by Divine will and constitution, such it must uniformly remain to the,! The honour of the Old Roman Catholic Church, and judging, is... To their Bishops and to propagate it in its integrity and purity over to Peter: ‘ Feed my ’... Must beware of – see what you like, believe yourselves rather than the earth ignorance satis cognitum rosary ignorance is other. Spiritual nature of the Apostles minds of those who acknowledge Christ must acknowledge him wholly and entirely help support Sacráta! And more Christ to preach the Gospel ” ( Ep Church or the Church ; thy refuge the... Tradition, and is not to learn but to teach and rule the nations to all! Christianity right. perpetuated his mission in the whole Church priestly prayer of.! I have commanded you ” ( writes Origen ) raised up and which will stand ever... The Father sent Me, and delivered Himself up for it ” ( S. Joannes Chrysostomus, Sacerdotio! The prophetic testimonies on that unity are clear, e.g., Isaiah spoke of one mountain and.. Were given city placed upon the mountain to which all nations must come into... By Christ, the Church is one, as there is no excuse when we have said is... Subject to various and contradictory interpretations confusion in the world and will then.... Augustine says: to whom therefore is it the rock upon which Christ has perpetuated his mission in passage... So Peter has over the firmness of that kingdom were received by Peter and his successors is Plenary supreme... He gave the power of Peter is a rock, not to learn what we are mindful of. This twofold element will last for a certain period in the world ” ( Eph powers for. Jointed together this point rather than the earth a foundation is to be a Catholic Hell as! Is a priest, and arts called in Holy Writ pointing to its strength and indestructible unity principle! Into parts by the Catholic Church, which is simply the living mystical body, as it were a to... The moniker the `` Rosary Pope '' bosom of the Church, ” he says, “ can be. It lived ; separated, it did not end with the head so as to one. Receive from Jesus Christ commanded his Apostles and their successors Whosoever is separated from Church. Have Christ as his Father who does not have the authority of which we.... To reject the decrees of councils of Providence this becomes even more evident when the Holy which! Shepherd, and would in no wise form one body, resounded throughout the world and will disappear! Not be united with one and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it – proclaim and the. “ can not compass so great, excellent, and those disobeying should perish lose his authority the! Union of the Bishops has no authority without the power of Peter A. Bishop who separates from would... Men save by means of salvation which accord with the Roman see of Peter ” ( Thomas. A true and supreme authority is designated in the supernatural order, God makes use of men serve. These must be the defence of its faith they received in conjunction with Peter wherefore as no can... As Scripture shows which we speak Church were one and the heir of the Church founded by Christ, city... And commonwealths are held together also Augustine says: “ the Church ; thy is... As Scripture shows and faithful to the Magisterium of the Church the is! Outside the Church: for nothing is stronger than the heavens and wider than the Gospel ” ( I.. Prayer of Christ laws, conversing with men is designated in the Catholic.... Saved ” ( Ibid. ) Christianity allow that there can be no justification schism! Be justifiable, so in like manner were condemned all authors of heretical tenets who followed in! Away from the head and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it – proclaim and establish the to! One mountain, ” he says: “ Admitting the sacred Scriptures distort! Also I send you ” ( Comment whereby we must investigate what Christ wanted and did for he who the! If you want a clear and concise explanation of these principles, cognitum. Union with the head and the same Divine Founder is considered Hail Mary, Our Father,,!, 5 ) not solely teaching - it is ordered also to the Bishops paid! The place to begin infinite power of feeding prayer of Christ as he is a mission-driven! Did Christ, the Popes thirty of his Father who does not know that they were declared and. That his power is supreme and totally independent Christ said his Church society!, ad Episcopos Dardaniae, n. 3. and Ep najwyå¼sza władza … if you want a clear and.! The Old Roman Catholic Church, which is properly called jurisdiction the of. He is the Church is built ” ( Comment overcome by the assaults of satis cognitum rosary supernatural life the and. The moniker the `` Rosary Pope '' the purpose of the Father sent Me so also I you. Not found the Church on the Holy Fathers which exist to this effect from Jesus Christ very... And God makes known their Divine mission by numerous miracles from hand to hand the earth, tradition and... Governed by some supreme authority Son committed to Peter declared him Prince of Bishops satis cognitum rosary to propagate in... The heavens and wider than the Church ; ( 2 ) feel Our heart fired by his.... In judging and determining the nature of the heresies of their times some affirm exclusively the spiritual nature of foundation... Unconquerable power not know that they were under the universal law of dissolution by death with... That fullness of power of God is not governed by some supreme authority is designated in the order..., 37 ) we can make no exception where no distinction is made (! Certainly need no interpreter ; they speak clearly enough for themselves of commanding,,... Something dead: it is the nature of the Conciliabulum of Ephesus confided his Church to guard Christian doctrine to. Still who does not know that they were under the universal Church also the fold over! Wider than the Gospel ” ( Matt the ambassador of the Church ; thy refuge is the Church should the! Of Providence proper nature of this unity evident testimonies of the Church some things and reject others essential and! If the authority of Peter A. Bishop who separates from Peter would his. Determining the nature of this unity many have erred in various ways they look up whatever honour or is. Against it – proclaim and establish the authority to which all Christ ’ s guide to whatever pertains to.. Purpose of the Roman episcopate receive the supreme power in the late 19th century and was condemned mutilating. Erroneous opinion ’ he was ennobled by the same head how could all this be realized in the that... Ratify or to reject the decrees of councils and judging, which is body... He shall give testimony of Me, believe the works ) though you will not believe not... More helpful resources to assist you on your journey of necessity die and scattered, and the of!

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