Kogi state has been a force to be reckoned with in terms of both mineral and human resources. Contents Overview of […] There are 21 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Kogi State. Kogi state is one state in Nigeria which can be classified as truly diverse and at the same time unifying. As the people of Bayelsa and Kogi states troop out to elect new governors, Legit.ng highlights 10 quick facts everyone should know about the polls. Idris Ahmed, Lokoja. Here are a few fascinating facts about the Igalas: Origin: They have been linked to the Igbos, Jukuns, Yorubas, and even Fulanis. Relics of old houses built by the British Administrators can still be found in Kogi state. In this post you’ll discover the names of all those Local Government Areas. Spread the love. The state occupies a total landmass of 29,833 km2 (11,519 sq mi) and was created in … Kogi, one of the 36 states in Nigeria located in the North-central geopolitcal zone in the middlebelt (central) region of the country. Idah is a town in Kogi State, Nigeria, on the eastern bank of the Niger River in the middle belt region of Nigeria. Kogi, a state of almost 3.5 million people, has tested a meagre 392 samples, the national situational report published December 12 by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) showed. A top level source said: “The facts at our disposal have shown that Kogi is at the risk of COVID-19 because it is a melting point for inter-state travelers and it shares borders with 12 states (about one-third of the states in the Federation) which had recorded infections. Recently appointed Senior Special Assistant to Kogi State Governor on Students Matters, COMRADE ISAH BABANGIDA ONIMISI has been a youth advocate and before then, he was a student leader, even from his university days. Quick Facts About Kogi State Kogi was the first administrative capital of Nigeria and up till today it still holds the grandeur and pose of an administrative capital. “I know surely, that the good people of Kogi, who are the real stakeholders can differentiate between us and the previous administrations “I urge you all our supporters across the state, the country and the globe to please listen to facts, try to know the facts about Kogi state and not fictions and lies. Kogi State Government Reduces Cost Of Processing Certificate Of Occupancy (C OF O) For All Existing Structure Across The State December 11, 2020 Kogi State Government Confluence of Opportunities – Designed & Managed by Ministry of Information & Communication Facts. Kogi state. Kogi state is one of the 36 states in Nigeria. Latest Kogi State News. Kogi is bordered by the states of Nassawara to the northeast; Benue to the east; Enugu, Anambra, and Delta to the south; Ondo, Ekiti, and Kwara to the west; and Niger to the north. Kogi State government says it has recovered 25 million Naira ($82,236) out of the 230 million Naira ($757,000) pension funds diverted into private pockets by some individuals in the pension office. Bello said before he came to power, people in Kogi […] Kogi State Google maps and facts. It is the headquarters of the Igala Kingdom, whose traditional ruler, the Attah Igala, Alhaji Aliyu Obaje died in July 2012. Maps, Driving Directions and its detailed Kogi State page is the place where Google maps Sightseeing and Google Street View make sense! Let us refer the creation of present kogi state by IBB on the 27th of August,1991. kogi state : 10 interesting facts you should know. Welcome to Google maps of Kogi State (Nigeria) and locations list of this area. This group interestingly boasts of a population size of more than two million natives, and a rich culture worth learning about. However, the Igala tribe was in Benue state. The expatriate, an adult female, sent message to the Kogi State COVID-19 Squadron Committee, expressing fears that she was exhibiting symptoms similar to those of COVID-19. Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state has said that certain politicians are frustrating the war against insecurity by President Muhammadu Buhari. Kogi State House of Assembly has confirmed the appointment of Justice Henry Adebola Olusiyi as the substantive Chief Judge of the state, while Justice John Bayo Olowosegun was equally confirmed as President of Kogi State Customary Court of Appeal. In this revealing interview, he tells MOHAMMED YABAGI what he would do to better the lot of Kogi Students in his current position Introduction My name is Comrade That is false, go back to pre kogi state. Abuja 5 talking about this. Kogi state economy must be opened up Lagos is what it is because she is an economic hub. NEWS DIGEST – Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, says Nigeria will be a safe place to live in when politicians stop the use of thugs and criminals during elections. The approval is sequel to the presentation and consideration of a report by the Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Debts. Recall that President Buhari, in a […] Kogi state is now burdened with a kitchen cabinet of crafty, cruel and callous individuals who erroneously believe they can wriggle through the matrix of purloining public funds without trace; men and women with mind-boggling mastery in methodical manipulation of facts and figures, individuals with gigabytes of grubbiness and greed. 1. The two Judicial Officers were confirmed during the house plenary […] Covering Everything Kogi State | kogifacts@gmail.com | 08166567900, 07068263593 Kogi, state, central Nigeria. Lokoja was in then kwara state and ofcourse there was and is an aborigine tribe in existence then and now (that is a discussion for another day). Nigeria is a West African country located in the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres of the Earth. All the Local Government Areas (LGAs) and sometimes districts/wards within Kogi state have their respective postal codes. These are Niger, Chad, Cameroon, and Benin to the north, northeast, east, and west respectively. Kogi State is located in the north-central part of Nigeria, and its capital is located in the city of Lokoja, which is also an LGA and one of … Kogi state is not a hub it is closed. This statement was made by the Kogi state governor when he featured on Sunrise Daily, a GCFRNG programme. Fresh facts have emerged on the agonising last days of the Chief Justice of Kogi State, the late Justice Nasiru Ajanah. In other words, all locations within the entire Kogi state do not make use of the same postal code — so you need to discover and use the exact one assigned to … News broke out that the government of Kogi State has imposed levy on every loaf of bread sold in the state. Explaining the rationale behind the levy, Kogi State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Kingsley Fanwo, has stated that the levy was imposed in order to protect indigenous bakers from those “who bring bread to […] It is bordered by four countries. The state government in conjuction with the private sector has helped shaped the mining industry of the state to align with the goals of making Nigeria the most powerful country in the continent of Africa. “When politicians begin to … However, few know of the Igalas of Kogi State. It is well known for having the confluence of the River Niger and Benue. Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, says Nigeria will be a safe place to live in when politicians stop the use of thugs and criminals during elections. The state comprises mainly of 3 ethnic groups which are the Igalas, the Igbirras and the Yoruba speaking Okun people, together with other minority groups like Ogori magongo, Gwari, Agatu/idoma and nupe speaking tribes, Bassa, Kakanda and Kupa. Nigeria will be safe when politicians stop using thugs — Yahaya Bello. The waterways have drawn various down stream and an upstream industry, Rivers state is a hub; the oil industries have magnificently drawn upstream and down stream industries to Rivers States. A former Commissioner of Information, Kogi State, Dr. Tom Ohikere has cried out saying the death of the private medical practitioner of Kogi State origin, based in Daura, Katsina State, Dr Aliyu Yakubu, purported to have died of the coronavirus disease has rained shear reactions across the country as it is perceived to be surrounded with conspiracy and manipulation of facts. It was created in 1991 from portions of eastern Kwara and western Benue states. The Kogi State Authorities by the Workplace of the Public Defender and Residents Rights Fee, (PDCRC), has secured the discharge of 1 Mr Unekwu Abah and one other, Mr Solomon Abuh, who have been standing trials individually for the offences of homicide and manslaughter respectively. In this write-up, we’ll enumerate the towns and local government areas of ‘The Confluence State’. The governor stated this on Wednesday while featuring on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily programme monitored by The Punch. The total number of registered voter population in Kogi state is 1,646,350 With all the above facts and indices, Kogi state should therefore be setting the pace and can lead in the development initiatives in Nigeria especially for the achievement of the key goals of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Justice Ajanah had reportedly died of COVID-19 on Sunday 28th June, 2020. This statement was made by the Kogi state governor when he featured on Sunrise Daily, a … 3. Lokoja city, the state capital is the town where the two rivers meet. By Bomi Ehimony When I got back to Ilorin on January 2nd, after the holidays which I spent in Lokoja, Kogi State, a neighbour of mine who followed the polity of Kogi voraciously since he was interested in the success of the Governor because he is the youngest governor in … 1. The Executive Governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello has stated that there will be improvement in the area of security if politicians can do away with thugs. The Executive Governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello has stated that there will be improvement in the area of security if politicians can do away with thugs. The Senate on Wednesday approved a promissory note issuance in the sum of N10.069 billion for Kogi State Government for projects executed on behalf of the Federal Government.

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